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Celebrating the Unsung
Heroes of Change

The 2024 submission deadline was Thursday, 29th February 2024.
The shortlist announcement will be on Thursday, 28th March 2024.

Change Awards 2024 Ceremony, London

Thursday, 25th April, 2024

Why Change Awards

"There are many hidden champions of change, people, and organisations, who work hard every day to make a positive difference, but they often go unnoticed or unappreciated. They deserve our recognition and gratitude for their contributions. The Change Awards aims to honour these unsung heroes of change and give them the recognition they deserve. Join us in celebrating their achievements and inspiring others to follow their example."

Margo Waldorf, Founder

How to apply

Discover the Change Awards 2024 Shortist

We are thrilled to share the Shortlist for the Change Awards 2024! It was a long month for our Judging Committee, filled with lively conversations and difficult decisions. The Shortlist Ceremony that took place on the 28th of March. Access the video recording below.

Why should you enter

Change Awards provides an opportunity for entrants to showcase their contributions in the field of change, enhance their professional reputation and promote their business offering. The Change Awards instils aspiration in entrants and pride in winners and the ongoing process inspires others to be part of the innovative, dynamic and ever-expanding world of change.

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Join the movement

Join us at the Change Awards 2024 Ceremony as we recognise and honour individuals and organisations who have made remarkable contributions to change, innovation and positive transformations in various fields.

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