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Recognising those who make the difference: celebrating the unsung heroes of change

Change Awards is an annual, global awards programme that honours the best examples of change leadership and innovation across different sectors. The Change Awards recognises people, teams and organisations that have made a significant difference in driving and facilitating change in their contexts. We are open to entries from individuals and organisations.

Change Awards is about PEER


Change Awards inspire entrants with aspirations, instil a sense of pride in the winners, and serve as inspiration for others.


Change Awards provides a platform to promote your contributions and professional accomplishments.


Being nominated for a Change Award is a noteworthy accomplishment, worthy of adding the title laureate or contender to your professional portfolio.


Become part of the esteemed group of individuals and organisations who proudly exhibit the Change Awards badge, showcasing their recognition and achievements.

Judging Principles

Judges do not see the names of the entrants, nor any details that may unduly frame their thoughts prior to reading each case study.

Judges mark entries based on a set of tangential questions, not directly related to the questions in the entry form.

At least two judges independently mark each entry, with the attributes of the best entries then discussed with the Head Judge, to agree the winner and the runner-up.

The judging committee comprises professionals from diverse backgrounds, bringing together a wide range of perspectives.

Judges, as well as contestants and the rest of interested parties find out the names of the winners and runner-ups are the Change Awards Ceremony.

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