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Change Awards latest news

Adopting new technologies, reimagining business processes, and embracing a digital-first mindset enables you to stay competitive in the ever-evolving business landscape.

In an era where change is not just inevitable but the cornerstone of corporate survival, a groundbreaking partnership emerges. Sysdoc, a renowned guide in the labyrinth of change management, joins forces with Change Awards, a beacon for recognizing transformative excellence.

London-based Sysdoc has joined forces with the Change Awards, promoting the concept of data-driven change management. The new partnership advocates change management through the coupling of behavioural science and data-driven transformation. Sysdoc assists businesses in their endeavour to manage change successfully, underlining the crucial process of implementing successful, sustainable new methods of operation.

How do you think the world of work will develop in 2024?

The world of work is always changing. What does 2024 have in store? Four experts offer their views, starting with Serkan Ibrahim, VP of Europe,, below.

NHS England has overhauled digital change management with Change Awards as Jooli Atkins, change management lead for digital partnering at NHS England, developing product implementation and relationship management (PIRM) as the NHS moves towards human-led technology change.

UK tech leaders discuss digital skills crisis at Parliament Street Summit

UK tech leaders have recently met in Parliament to dissect the country's chronic skills crisis. MPs, business leaders, and policy makers were all in attendance.

Government unveils £200m digital skills training package

The Government has announced a £200 million digital skills training package to help people across the UK launch careers in growing sectors such as digital, green energy and construction.

Why the Digital Skills Crisis Could Derail UK's Tech Innovation Drive

As the UK’s chronic skills gap widens, the deluge of digital talent could hinder innovation for tech companies across the country.

Change management: Digital transformation and AI implementation

Margo Waldorf at Change Awards explains why change and employee resilience is key topics at all levels of management and how digital transformation and AI is raising their importance even further

Game Changers in Business: Celebrating Unsung Heroes of Industry Transformation

Change management, a crucial yet often overlooked aspect of organizational growth and success, is finally gaining its deserved recognition through the Change Awards.

Bletchley park outcomes: AI remains the biggest threat to humanity

The global AI safety summit unveiled huge concerns highlighting that the technology poses a potentially catastrophic risk to humanity as worries around highly advanced forms of AI, with as-yet unknown capabilities.

Change Awards bring together academia and practice to celebrate industry leaders

Change Awards recognises the individuals, teams and organisations that are contributing to change management.

The IN Group Partners with the Change Awards to celebrate the unsung heroes transforming organisations

The IN Group, a collection of specialist talent brands, has partnered with the Change Awards to highlight the value of the change management profession.

Industry leaders roadmap the future of change management for business growth

Industry leaders from Change Awards and The IN Group have road mapped the future of change management and how it can revolutionise business growth at the CHANGE Talks this week.

Industry Leaders roadmap the future of Change Management for business growth at the CHANGE Talks

Industry leaders from Change Awards and The IN Group road mapped the future of change management and how it can revolutionise business growth at the CHANGE Talks.

Talking change: five key takeaways from the first Change Talks webinar

The landscape of change management frequently confronts its practitioners with a confounding dilemma: neither the project team nor the stakeholders within organisations grasp the responsibilities of the change professional.

Talking change: five key takeaways from the first Change Talks webinar

The IN Group, together with Change Awards, recently hosted the first ever Change Talks webinar in our London office.

Championing the changemakers: an interview with Change Awards founder Margo Waldorf

Margo Waldorf has long felt that change managers don’t always get the recognition they deserve for redefining an organisation’s processes, systems and ways of working.

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