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Richard Smith |

Non-exec director with international experience in Organizational Change, Senior Team Effectiveness and Leadership

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Richard Smith

Richard has spent his career working on organizational change issues across a range of industries. In-company (“proper jobs”, he says!) he worked in muti-site retailing, f.m.c.g., IT and financial services, focusing on organizational development including performance management, talent management, leadership and senior team development, and on change initiatives, including cultural transformations. In 1994 he established his own consulting firm and has since worked in over 40 countries across six continents with a range of organizations across various industries.

For over 13 years Richard has been chief examiner for Change Management for APMG international and on a number of occasions judged Change Management Awards for a professional journal. He led the authoring team for the original Change Management Institute professional body of Knowledge (published 2013) and was lead author and editor for The Effective Change Manager’s Handbook (Kogan Page, 2014). He has subsequently been a key contributor to other publications for APMG International.

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