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Change Awards Competition Rules and Regulations


1. Eligibility

Change Awards are open to individuals and companies globally and across all sectors (public, private, and the 3rd sector). Applicants or nominees do not have to be Change Management Professionals, nor do they have to be formally accredited. Applicants and nominees must provide a case study pertaining to delivering change, innovation, and business transformation.

2. Entry Process

The applications for the Change Awards competition are open from 1st to 31st January each year. No further entries are accepted after this date. Applicants must provide a case study, which is to be submitted via email to and fill in the form available on the Change Awards website. Each awards category has a corresponding application form. Once submitted, the entry cannot be changed or withdrawn. All entries for the Change Awards 2024 are automatically bound by the Change Awards Rules and Regulations and the Terms and Conditions (all available on the website).

3. Award Categories

Change Awards categories are individuals as well as organisations, and the details are available on the Change Awards website.

4. Winner Selection Process

a. Winners of the Change Awards are selected by the Judging Committee. The Judging Committee is a self-governing entity led by the Head Judge.

b. Once the applications are centrally received, the Change Awards Administration removes all identifiable information from the forms (e.g. name of entrants and other details that may unduly frame the Judging Committee’s thoughts prior to reading each case study) and assigns them with a unique identification number.

c. The anonymised case studies are then transferred to the Judging Committee for selection.

d. The Judging Committee marks entries based on a set of tangential questions not directly related to the questions in the entry form.

e. At least three judges independently mark each entry, with the attributes of the best entries then discussed with the Head Judge, to agree on the winner and the shortlist.

f. The Judging Committee will not judge entries where there is a perceived conflict of interest.

g. The Judging Committee comprises professionals from diverse backgrounds, bringing together a wide range of perspectives. The Judging Committee members fall into three broad categories: change, transformation and innovation practice, academia and representation of various bodies of knowledge and change application methodologies.

h. The Judging Committee, as well as contestants and the rest of the interested parties, find out the names of the shortlist and winners are the Change Awards Ceremony in April.

i. The Judging Committee meets in February to select the winning case studies. Following that, the Shortlist Ceremony Event is planned in March, with the main event taking place in April each year.

j. Winners in each category receive a trophy, which is presented at the Award Ceremony in April. Both winners and shortlisted individuals receive a digital badge to display on their professional profiles.

k. The Change Awards reserve the right to engage with the individual, the employer of the individual and/ or the winning organisations to jointly promote the Change Awards.

5. Permissions and Consent

By entering the Change Awards competition, you:

a. Grant permission to use your name for the purpose of organising and/or managing the Change Awards.

b. Grant permission to announce your name should you win or be shortlisted for an award and for all related award purposes.

c. Grant permission to engage in PR and marketing activities associated with the awards.

d. Grant permission to share your details with the sponsors for the purpose of publishing the winning entries (including, but not limited to, photos, videos, and text).

e. You agree to fully cooperate with the Change Awards in connection with your entry, the awards, prizes, or otherwise.

f. Grant permission to collect, store, and process your personal data for the purposes of administering the awards in accordance with applicable data protection laws.

g. Grant permission to use your image, likeness, and biographical information in any media and promotional materials related to the awards without further compensation or notification.

h. Grant permission to tag and mention you on social media platforms in posts related to the awards.

i. Grant permission to share your details with third-party partners and affiliates involved in the awards for promotional and administrative purposes.

j. Grant permission to use any feedback or testimonials you provide about the awards in promotional materials.

k. Agree to participate in any required events, interviews, or activities related to the awards if selected as a finalist or winner.

l. Agree to give full cooperation to the Change Awards in connection with your entry, the awards, prizes, or otherwise.
m. Understand that you may withdraw your consent at any stage by notifying the Change Awards team, with the understanding that certain actions taken based on previous consent may not be reversible.

6. Confidentiality Clause

All sensitive information shared in case studies will be kept confidential and used solely for the purpose of the awards evaluation.

7. Intellectual Property Rights

Participants retain ownership of their submitted materials. However, by entering the competition, participants grant the Change Awards a non-exclusive, royalty-free licence to use, reproduce, and display the submitted materials for promotional and marketing purposes. However, participants have the option to opt out of this clause. To opt-out, participants must explicitly indicate their decision at the time of submission (via the submission form). Participants who choose to opt-out will still be eligible to compete, but their materials will not be used for promotional and marketing purposes without their explicit consent.

For participants who do not opt-out, their submission will be taken as an agreement to the Change Awards using their intellectual property as described.

8. Disqualification Clause

Participants may be disqualified from the competition for providing false information, violating the rules, or engaging in any unethical behaviour.

9. Appeals Process

Participants may appeal decisions or seek clarification on rulings by contacting the Change Awards team via email. Appeals must be submitted within 14 days of the decision notification.

10. Code of Conduct

All participants, judges, and organisers are expected to behave ethically and professionally throughout the competition process.

11. Notification and Communication

Participants will be notified about the status of their application, including shortlist and winner announcements, via email and the Change Awards website.

12. Technical Requirements

All submissions must adhere to the technical requirements specified on the Change Awards website (e.g., format, file size).

13. Contact Information

For queries and support, please contact us at

14. Liability Limitation

The Change Awards organisation is not liable for any issues or disputes arising from participation in the competition.

15. Exclusions

a. Judges cannot enter nominations or applications into the Change Awards competition.

b. Change Awards decisions on all matters concerning the competition, including the acceptance of entries, the nomination of winners and any other matters, will be final and binding.

For further information regarding the Change Awards visit our website at

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